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A Concerned Husband-moral story in english for kids

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Once there lived a happy couple, but after spending years together, the husband was concerned that his wife did not hear well. Then he thought she might need a hearing aid He called his family doctor for a suggestion. The doctor told him to test it with a straightforward idea. The doctor said,’Stand 40 feet away from her and speak loud in a normal conversation. Observe if she hears you, If not, then reduce the distance into 30 feet, then 20 feet and until you get a response. The distance will help you to estimate her requirement for the hearing aid .’Next day, when his wife was cooking dinner in the kitchen, he took the opportunities to check the doctor’s idea. He asked his wife from 40 feet away, ‘Dear, what is there for dinner ?’There was no response. Then he moved a bit closure and asked, ‘Dear, what is there for dinner ?’Still there was no response .20 feet, then 10 feet he repeated, Dear, what is there for dinner ?’He did not get any response. He felt pity about how bad is his wife’s hearing. Then he stood behind her and said, ‘Honey, what is there for dinner ?’The wife shouted, “John, listen, this is the fifth time I am saying CHICKEN’

Moral of the story -Most often, the problem may not be with others but could be very much within us.

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