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A Dead Woman’s Secret By Guy de Maupassant-Horror Story

The woman had died, and now she was resting in her bed, her eyes closed, her features calm, so resigned that one could feel what a sweet soul had lived in that body. Kneeling beside the bed, her son and daughter were weeping as though their hearts would break. They had hardly known their father, knowing only that he had made their mother most unhappy The priest, who had just come from dinner. Returned He looked sad with that assumed sadness of the priest from whom death is a breadwinner ‘Well my poor children I have come to help you They remained alone .the dead woman and children Then the judge ,still kneeling ,his head buried in the bedclothes ,cried in a voice altered by grief and deadened by the sheets and blankets /Mamma,Mamma Mamma and his sister ,frantically striking her forehead against the woodwork . Convulsed The crisis slowly calmed down and they began to weep, just as on the sea when a calm follows a storm. They loved her as they had never loved her before. It was their bond with life, their mother, their Mamma, the connecting link with their forefathers which they would thenceforth miss. The nun said to her brother You remember how Mamma always used to read letters; they are all there in that drawer Let us read them Out of drawer they took about ten little packages and chose one of them on which the word ‘Father ‘was written They opened and read it. The first one started, ‘My dear, another one, ‘My beautiful little girl ‘My dear child ‘and suddenly the nun began to read aloud, to read over to the dead woman her whole history, all her tender memories. Sister Eulalie to be put in the grave with her, they ought to be used as a shroud and she ought to be buried in it. Then she took another package, My adored one. I love you wildly Since yesterday; I have been suffering the tortures of the damned, haunted by our memory. I love you. You have driven me mad. My arms open, I gasp, moved by a wild desire to hold you again. The nun stopped reading. The Judge snatched the letter from her and looked for the signature .the name Henry’ Their father ‘s name was Rene. Therefore this was not from him. The son then rummaged through the package of letters, took one out and read; I can no longer live without your caresses Standing erect, severe as when sitting on the bench, he looked unmoved at the dead woman, He stepped forward .quickly picked up the letters and threw them pell-mell back into the drawer. When daylight made the candles on the table turn pale the son slowly left his armchair .and without looking again at the mother upon whom he had passed sentence, serving the tie that united her to son and daughter, he said slowly, ‘Let Let us now retire, sister .’

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