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A Horseman In The Sky by Ambrose Bierce-folk story in english

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Once upon a time, there lived a mighty king. He conquered all the surrounding countries, killing all the old men and women, but the non-disabled men and girls he caught and brought back as slaves. The king had two hundred wives, but none of them had borne a son to him. Then he married a spider’s daughter. She was ugly but to please his people, and he married the nasty girl. She was born with two skins; her mother was made to promise that she should never remove the ugly skin until a particular time arrived save only during the night and that she must put it on again before dawn. The king’s head wife knew this so she went to juju man and offered him two hundred rods to make a potion that would make the king forget altogether that the spider’s daughter was his wife He made up some medicine which the head wife mixed with the king’s food. He ignored her then the spider’s daughter went back to her parents. His father went to another Ju Ju man, who discovered that it was the king’s head wife who had made the Ju Ju and had enchanted the king He gave him some medicine and told the spiderman that her daughter would give .the dose to the king. When the king had eaten the dish, he recognized his wife and told her to come to him that very evening. She pulled her ugly skin, and the king saw how beautiful she was .and delighted with her. Then before morning she pulled on her ugly skin and went back to her house. She gave birth to a son. The king’s head wife became more jealous and consulted with a Ju Ju again. She got the medicine that would make the king sick and forget his son. She told the king that it was his son who had made him sick. If he wanted to recover, he must throw his son away into the river. The king threw his son into the river, and the mother cried bitterly. The king forgot his wife for three years when she returned to her father .and got some medicine from his Ju Ju man which she gave to the king. And the king again recognized her and called her to him again. Her father was a water JuJu who saved her son’s life and took him home, and the boy grew up very strong. After some time she gave birth to a daughter and her the jealous wife persuaded the king to throw away. He agreed and threw his daughter into the river and forgot his wife. The water Ju Ju saved her life and thought that the time has come to punish the jealous wife He organized a wrestling match. The king’s son was declared the winner and was called to the palace. His jealous wife had fallen violently in love with him. The Juju man told the boy to accept the proposal and asked a favor that a certain case shall be tried, and the man or the woman who is found to be in the wrong shall be killed by the Egbos before all the people. The king had already given his consent. On the day of the trial, the boy told the people his story and requested the people to judge his case. The Egbos decided that the woman was a witch so they took her into the forest and gave her two hundred lashes and then burnt her alive The king then embraced his wife and daughter and told all the people that she would be the queen in the future. When the king died, his son came to the throne and ruled in his stead.

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