a moral story- The Lion and Jackal

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a moral story

There lived a Lion in a jungle.He was the mighty king and scared other animals of the jungle. A jackal was envy of Lion and used to minutely watch every move of him and tried to copy. one day, Lion went for hunting and jackal followed him. It was a hot day and suddenly the Lion saw an elephant and without giving much thought pounced on him. It was a tug of war and none of them seemed a confirmed winner but at last, the Lion killed the elephant and ate him.The Jackle saw all this and thought it was not a big deal to kill an elephant and decided to kill one on his own.

a moral story, inspirational moral stories, moral stories for kids,very short stories with morals moral stories for adults

He began searching for an elephant to attack and one fine day he saw one drinking water on the bank of a river. Jackal went slowly and attacked elephant from behind. The elephant was taken aback by being attacked by a small creature like jackal but soon he caught jackal in his trunk and killed him stamping on it.

Writer- Sanjeev

a moral story

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