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An Angels Guiding Hand-a mysterious story

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a mysterious story

People from all over the world have reported encounters with mysterious beings. Could they be guardian angels? Jackie believes that her guardian angel came to her aid on two occasions to help her avoid serious injury. She actually felt and heard this protective force. Both encounters happened when she was a child The first experience .took place at a sledding hill, where she was enjoining the day with her family. She decided to try sledding down the steepest part of the hill.”I apparently hit someone going down and I was spinning out of control. I was heading for the metal guardrail ‘But suddenly I felt something push my chest down. I came within less than a half inch of the rail but didn’t hit it. Her second experience occurred during her birthday celebration at school. She had run across the playground to place her crown on a bench While running back to her friends, three boys tripped her. Jackie went flying .and something hither just below the eye .”But I felt something pull me back when I fell .’ ‘The teacher said that they saw her sort of fly forward then fly back at the same time. As they hurried me to the nurse’s office I heard an unfamiliar voice keep telling me “Don’t worry, I am here, God does not want anything to happen to his baby. Life information from an Angel -Some people believe that before we are born when our consciousness or spirit resides in that unknown place, we are given information about the life we are about to be born into some say we even choose our life. Very few people can claim that they remember this pre-birth existence but Gary says he does. Even in his middle-aged years, he says he can recall ‘some details of a conversation he had with an angel before he was born ‘I was bodiless, but aware that I was in an area that was darkened, and I was alone except for the entity that was speaking to me ‘.’i was at the bottom of a stairway structure and was looking up the stairs, but not seeing the one speaking to me. This entity was speaking to me and giving me a brief description of how my life would be .’It appears the information was correct as I am now disabled and in poor health’.The Accident warning -Is our future predestined, and this psychics and prophets can see the future? One night, at about 4’o.clock in the morning Hafen’s sister called her. Her voice was trembling and she was crying. She told that she had a vision of me being in a car accident. She did not say Whether or not I was killed in it, but the sound of her voice made me think she did believe this but was afraid to tell me’.I felt weak as I left the hospital. I drove like a little old lady as I observed every intersection, stop sign, and stop light. When I got home I called my mom and my sister and told them I was fine how sweet it was, if, without feeble fright or dying of the dreadful beauteous sight, an angel came to us, and we could bear. To see him issue from the silent air’

a mysterious story

Tags-a mysterious story,mysterious story short,a short mysterious story,mysterious crime story, mysterious stories to read

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