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A Vendetta-By Guy de Maupassant Paolos-most horror story in English

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A widow lived alone with her son in a little house on the .ramparts of Bonifacio. The widow’s house held for dear life to the very edge of the cliff, it’s three windows looked out over this wild and desolate scene. One evening, after a quarrel Antoine, her son was slain by a knife- thrust from Nicolas, who got away to Sardinia the same night. When his old mother received his body, she did not weep, but for a long time stayed motionless looking at it than stretching out her wrinkled hand over the frame, she swore vendetta against him. The young man, lying his back, clad in his thick serge coat with a hole torn across the front, looked as though he slept, but everywhere there was blood, on the shirt on his breeches, on his face, on his hands. The old mother began to speak to him Sleep, Sleep, you shall be avenged, do you hear Your mother swears it. Antoine was buried next day No man was there to carry on the vendetta. She knew that Nicolas had taken refuge in a little Sardinian village. All day long, sitting by the windows, she looked over there and pondered revenge. She went to church, she prayed, to grant her frail worn-out body the strength necessary to revenge her son. Then she returned home. She began to walk up and down her room, taking no rest, her eyes still turned to the coast of Sardinia. He was there ,the murderer The old woman gave her nothing to eat The animal, mad with hunger, barked hoarsely When day broke, mother went to her neighbor to ask him to provide her with two trusses of straw She took the old clothes her husband had worn and stuffed them with the straw into the likeness of a human figure . Having planted a post, in the ground, she tied the dummy figure to it, which looked now as though it were standing The dog surprised, looked at this straw man, and was silent. Then the woman went to the pork- butcher and bought a long piece of black pudding. She returned home, lit a wood fire in her yard and grilled the black desert. She unchanged the dog. With a tremendous bound, the animal leaped upon the dummy’s throat and with her paws on his shoulders began to rent it. She fell back with a piece of the prey in her mouth then dashed at it again, sank her teeth into the cords, tore away a few fragments of food, fell back again and leaped once more. The old woman watched motionless and silent a gleam in her eyes. For two more days, she repeated the strange performance. For three months she trained the dog to this struggle When she judged that the time came, putting on clothes, like a beggar, she bargained with a Sardinian fisherman, who took her, accompanied by the dog In her bag she had a large piece of black pudding. The old woman called ‘Hey Nicolas ‘He turned around, then letting go of her dog she cried, ‘Off, off bite him, bite him .’ The maddened beast dashed forward and seized his throat. After some time he became motionless while she nuzzled at his throat and tore it out in ribbons. In the evening, she returned home. That night, she slept well.

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