an inspirational short story-Two beggars and their inspirational story

an inspirational short story

There lived two beggars in a city. one beggar was blind and the other was lame. Instead of being sympathetic to each other, they were enemies and competitive, the whole day they were competing with each other in the city like all other professionals. One night their huts caught fire, the blind man could run out but he couldn’t see where to go whereas the lame man could see the places where the fire had not yet spread but he couldn’t run. The fire was spreading fast and they could only feel their deaths coming.They realized that they needed each other.
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The lame man suddenly realized “the blind man can run and I can see”. Thye forgot all competition and bitterness between them. This was a critical moment when both were facing death. The blind man carried the lame man on his shoulder and they would function as one person. The lame man could see and the blind man ran and finally, they saved their lives.For the first time, they became friends and dropped their antagonism.
Moral of the story- Unity is strength

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an inspirational short story

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