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Bush Baby-amazing story

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There was a little boy named Abu whos mother lived in constant dread of war and slave raids. When she was a little girl, her parents had been stolen in such, and she escaped by hiding in the bush. Abu was unfortunate when his mother talked about these things. The only thing that scared Abu was the witch who lived some distance from the village. He asked his mother ‘I have heard that she changes people into animals. He never went near the house of the witch. Abu ‘s father was killed in the war, and the victorious armies were marching upon the village. Abu ‘s mother hid with her son in the bush. She said to her son if I don’t come back doesn’t try to follow me ‘One day she didn’t come back. When the sun went down, lonely and frightened of the dark, he made his way to the village. He saw a terrible sight. Nearly all the people of the village were crouching on the ground in chains while their captors laughed, danced and made merry in the firelight. He cried out, and they saw him .’Run Abu, Run into the bush, cried the mother He slipped through bushes, slid down deep gullies and hid under river banks. At last, he saw a low house, and he realized that this was no ordinary house. It was the witch’s house .’Hide me, hide me the slaves are after me, ‘When they saw the witch they became afraid. The men muttered among themselves and then withdrew .’My father has been killed and my mother is captured -said the boy .”Could you help me ?’I have heard that you can change people into animals. Please change me into something else, then I can follow my mother .’I can be a crocodile ‘I think you had better be a bush baby. But I don’t want to a bush baby forever ‘You come back to me, I will change you back, said the witch. He found he was a tiny animal He scampered out of the house. The train marched at night, slept by day and it was never possible for Abu to go to his mother. Abu saw another bush baby peering at him. He said his sad story. Small animals were pouring over the walls and through the gates. They passed over the sentry like a wave shivering with fear. Abu’s mother ran out persued bu hundreds of the little animals. With the help of the bush baby, they came back to the village. Then he rushed to the witch’s house. Abu was so relieved and so delighted he embraced her. They all were delighted. So if you go through the bush at dark, and hear a baby weeping, don’t worry about it. It is only the bush baby, and he is not unhappy

Tags-amazing story, amazing storybooks,
amazing story podcasts, amazing story about life, an amazing story essay, amazing story book pdf,amazing bedtime story

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