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Silent Snowflake-creepy horror story

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creepy horror story

He was head of Xavier’s school, and she was watching their conversation in silence. Moments ago her parents had rejected her and, frightened, kicked her out their car and drove off. Then she headed back into town. Confused and frightened a complete stranger was waiting for her Unsure, but knew she had nowhere else to turn ,she gladly went with the dark-skinned and snow white-haired lady When they paused and looked at her ,she shrugged having no clue how to communicate .be cause she was deft If anything, she was confident they knew no sign language . Would you like to have me notify your parents? Just to let them know you are safe. She quickly shook her head, knowing good and well they would not care if their mutant child had been hit by a truck on their blatant negligence. Professor accepted her request to stay there, and she smiled happily ‘Madison’s signed eyes still wide in shock .’Uncle Logan, he was not her uncle He hugged her tighter, letting her go moments later before signing again. He ruffled her hair, ‘You are my only niece but I am just caught off guard since you were not born sigh with a mutation I know you don’t have a power. After a while, Logan walked toward Madison. She waved goodbye back and walked out of the office with him. The hallways were empty -it was late at night ‘Where we are going? she sighed to logan. He pointed up ahead to a pair of stairs. His silent chuckle was amusing, I know, I’m a bit messy ‘he signed .’You should clean she signed with a pointed expression. He sighed swiftly before grabbing her in his strong arms and tickling her. The next morning, slowing into a steady walk, she continued deeper and deeper until a cold draft whipped some strands of hair, causing them to slap her harshly against her face. A man who was much taller than her stood two feet from her. The man upped his pace as she now jogged backward, her eyes catching sight of his nails steadily getting longer. She ran .-faster and faster, a must if she wanted to live. Zigzagging she looked over her shoulder to see the man gone. The sensation of danger erupted from behind .and she whirled, ducking the man’s punch, before kicking him in the flank. He grabbed her hair, yanking her back and slamming her to the ground The ice punch connected to the man’s jaw .and he topped to the side. She leaped up, dashing by and hurrying toward the school. Looking over her shoulder, she saw him racing after her or instead pouncing from tree to tree like a cat. Keeping the pace, she rounded a corner when the man appeared from behind a tree and grabbed her arm. She twisted, kicking him in the groin before head-butting him. Madison hit the ground, and kicked with her other foot, nailing the man in the face, but he managed to get up and grab her hair and drag her back into the forest again. The silent laughter he gave her the creeps and, she caught him off guard as she threw out her hand, ice shards blasting from her palms and slamming into his abdomen so violently, he flew back and crashed through several trees. The men fought a few more minutes before Logan kicked the man again and he hit the ground .ln then glared at the killer cat man who gave Madison a mischievous grin before doubling back into the woods, vanishing from sight. Logan rushed back to Madison who is collapsing into him, blacking out completely. She was out of danger, hurt and feeling betrayed Madison stalked out the office heading to the cafeteria.

creepy horror story

Tags-creepy horror story,creepy story, creepy doll story,creepy story app,creepy stories for kids,creepy snapchat story, creepy bedtime story, creepy stories to tell,creepy story books

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