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Alone by Hudson call-creepy stories for kids

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Darkness and loneliness, Both of which are dreadful in their horrific ways. There is no way to escape these two things that we see and feel daily. My name is Charles Smith. As widowed father, loneliness and darkness are always upon me. Every single one of my seven children has abandoned me and forced me to live me alone. My wife Diana was born just down the street in a small home. The only welcome people are my children. Tonight, I sat up in my bed, staring out my door that appeared as a tunnel. After some time, I crept out of bed and eased open the door. I maneuvered my head around the left corner of my quarters.
What I saw, A single figure is standing alone against the light from the lone bulb. The number was black like a shadow which after some moment, vanished into thin air like a mist. I slowly progressed toward the staircase. The closer I came forward the first step, I was aware of the feeling of eyes looking at me in all directions. They stared at me, penetrating my body like a disease. There was darkness, and I found nothing. Then I crept over to the back door and swiftly opened the blinds. A man like a shadow sat in one of my lawn chairs. The stranger was wearing a pitch-black hood and cloak. The figure slowly began to turn his head in my direction. It was so horrible. The most horrific part was the evil man that stood behind me in my reflection. I could slightly see his demon-like eyes that stared at me like I was his prey. I tried to sleep, but a loud crash like thunder came from the attic. Another crash followed and the sound of footsteps running down the stairs everywhere in my house. I felt that there was another presence sat in the room with me.I began to yell and scream at the hooded man. In one swift movement, the man pulled on the hood, allowing me to see who it was. The man in the hat had the same facial features as me .’ I am you -replied the man I was a disturbed shell of a man .”I am you You live alone, you never had a family and never will You created a life out of nothing but sheer darkness. Your wife is dead. You killed her Charles You did ‘So you will not be forgiven. Charles was found a late afternoon of a heart attack, and there was nothing not ordinary about the home except for a small light bulb that was still flickering and dying.

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