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The Fisherman By Yoti Lane-fiction storybooks

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Once two brothers left their home in own An older man and his daughter the forest They chose a place and settled An older man, and his daughter became friendly who lived nearby. After a time, both brothers fell in love with her, and the girl could not decide which of them she would marry. The elder of the young man was known as Suki and the younger as Kana. They agreed that the girl’s decision was fair and that they would do their best to catch as many fish as possible. Next morning Kana returned with an excellent catch of fish. It was evening when Suki returned carrying quite a good load of fish .’ Well It’s easy to see who is the best worker .’ remarked the father .’ Kana only gives a few hours to the job Suki is the real worker .’ But he does not catch any more fish than Kana, the girl protected .”My father thinks Suki is a far better work than you are, ‘she remarked .’ And what do you think? Asked Kana .’ I am afraid it’s the truth, she replied and went away feeling sad. She told her grandmother, ‘I don’t think it is going to much fun marrying a man who works from morning until night and comes home too tired to talk, or dance or sing .”Then you would like to marry Kana? asked the grandmother. She decided to meet Suki, who was sleeping under a tree. Well did you surprise Suki ?’ asked the grandmother .’ I did n’t go near him, replied the girl .’ A fisherman’s life is not easy I have not got Kana’s luck ‘I wonder if it is luck, the girl remarked .and walked away from him. Once more she decided to visit, and she saw Suki sleep under a tree while his nets lay idle When the father heard the story .he was scarcely able to believe it Then the girl said, ‘Nonsense, he’s been deceiving us for weeks ‘come on. She led them back through the bush, and there was the same picture she had seen earlier .’ He has been resting since early morning, and he will rest till late afternoon if you watch said the girl. After several hours Suki roused himself and gathered some fish in his nest .’ Suki, would you fetch some wood for the fire “asked the grandmother. I ‘ve had a tough day, can’t Kana get it ?”Here it is and threw a bundle on the ground.; The girl’s father said, ‘You two young man has now been fishing for some weeks, and I feel the time has come to give my consent to a marriage with my daughter. I did not want to marry you anyhow cried the girl. Suki was very angry at this and protected his innocence, but it was of no use. The father agreed with his daughter that Kana was the proper man to be her husband, and arrangements were made for the wedding. Suki then left the village So the next time you meet someone who always seem to be very busy and who never has time to help anyone, remember Suki and the fish It is not still the working people who work the hardest.

Tags-fiction story books, fiction story for kids, fiction story writing, fiction story blogs, fiction story podcasts, fiction story about life

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