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Lost in the forest by Mystery Tori-fiction story in english language

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fiction story in english language

There lived a girl named Tiffany Toiler with her parents. She was always scared of her neighbours because act extraordinary sometimes asking her to follow them to the forest. One day on her way from school, her neighbours offered to give her a ride in their car. When she denied to accompany them, The man’s wife comes up behind her and hits her over the head knocking her out, and they put her in the car and drove off. After a few hours, she wakes up to find herself in a forest. She didn’t know where she was. She decided to walk around, and soon she came across a cabin. The cabin was old, abandoned. There was a tiny kitchen with a stove and kettle which seemed to be recently used. Suddenly she notices a passage. She follows the journey and finds herself outside, and as she turned around to go back, she heard a noise coming from the passageway. She now makes it back to the cabin. The cabin had a strange smell if there was a dead body somewhere. She then hears scratching coming from the other side of the door. The door then breaks, and this creature comes out with sharp claws. It was black and grey with blood around its mouth. Its arms were human-like but its face looked like a wild animal, and it had a tail. It started to come towards her. Running through the woods as fast as she could she still could hear the creature behind her. It felt like hours till she finally lost the beast She grabbed the one tree and started to climb. She began to listen to footsteps, and she saw the creature ran towards the tree. The creature was jumping up to grab her but missed her leg. When she pushes off the tree, the animal swings its claws at her and gets her leg, and she hits the ground with a thud holding her leg. Frightened she does not move and tries to play dead hoping that the creature will walk away but the monster grabs her and drags her away as she screams The beast picks her up and carries her down as she punches it trying to some damage When she is brought down the stairs, she is put in a chair while a man stands in the corner, The creature stands next to her The man turn around she recognizes her, Mr. John He says”Thanks to this beast for bringing you, you are going to be my sacrifice my dear’.She refuses then she sees a lantern, so she grabs it when beast lets go and swings it at the creature Beast lets out a horrifying roar it then sets on fire, and Mr. John tries to put the beast out while Tiffany runs upstairs and out the cabins. She runs as fast as she can. She looks like a cave, and she takes shelter. Then she climbed the one tree. In the morning she jumped down and started to walk, there soon was roaring so she looked for some weapon like a stick and started running. Beast was chasing her Beast caught up and rammed its head into her back then she stabs the beast in the eye. Mr. John fires the gun shooting beast in front of her She again started running But collapsed The people ran over to her, and her dad puts a blanket around her and carries her. Soon police were sent to the forest to find Mr. John but he was never found, and his wife was found dead in the basement of the old abandoned cabin.
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fiction story in english language

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