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The Shoemaker And The Devil by Anton Chekhov-fiction story in english

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fiction story in english

It was Christmas Eve, and Marya had long been snoring on the stove, but Fyodor Nilov still sat at work. A customer had abused him due to delay in delivery and had ordered him to finish the boots at once before the morning service .’It’s a convict’s life “People are enjoining themselves, while you sit here like some can and sew for the devil knows whom .’What is the reason, that customers enjoy themselves while I am forced to sit and work for them ? The only reason is-They have money, and I am a beggar ?’He hated all the customer . When there was nothing left in the bottle he put the boots on the table and sank in the thought. How nice it would be if the houses of these rich men the devil flay them, were smashed -changed into beggars having nothing and he a poor shoemaker were to become rich. He wrapped up the work in a red handkerchief and went out in the street. Rich young ladies peeped at Fyodor and started laughing -“Beggar, Beggar ‘”Drunkard, Drunkard, the soul of a boot-leg -Beggar”All this was insulting .’Your honor, I have brought your boots-said Fyodor sullenly. The customer got up and began trying on the boots in silence .he pulled off his old boot, but at once jumped up and staggered towards the door in horror. The customer had not a foot, but a hoof like a horse’s. He controlled himself and determined to try his luck .”They say that there is nothing on earth more evil and impure than the devil, but your honor -the devil is highly educated and has more brains than many a student .”Thank you, shoemaker, What do you want?”He narrated everything before the devil and said -I beg you, your honor, please make me a rich man .”Certainly but for this, you must give me your soul. A bright flame flared up in the mortar, a thick pink smoke came puffing out, when the smoke had subsided he saw that he was no longer Fyodor, quite a different man. What wealth ate and before each dish drank a big glass of excellent vodka “how is the gentry don’t burst with such meals? he thought.The devil appeared and asked for him”Are you satisfied with your dinner?'”hold your tongue -he cried and said don’t dare to argue remember your place as a cobbler ,You don’t know how to make boots in the evening the evil one brought him a full-bosomed lady in a red dress and said this was his new wife He could not go to sleep he felt uncanny .”We have a great deal of money -said to his wife ‘We must look out, or thieves will be breaking in He did not sleep all night .and kept getting up to see if his box was all right .’This is a blasted existence “People do lead a life You must not sing, you must not play, you must not have a lark with a lady . There was a fearful smell of paraffin in hell, enough to suffocate one .and suddenly it all vanished He opened his eyes and saw his table, the boots, and the tin lamp. Near the table stood the customer He was shouting “Fool Ass-you scoundrel You took the order a fortnight ago and the boots are not ready ,You brute “It seemed to him now that rich and poor were equally severely off Some were able to drive in a carriage, and others to sing songs at the top of their voice ,but the same thing, the same grave, was awaiting all alike and there was nothing in life for which one would give the devil even a tiny scrap of one’s soul.
Tags-fiction story in english,short fiction story in english language,fiction story books in english, short english stories, fiction stories in english

fiction story in english

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