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Fisher’s Ghost by John Lang-short horror story essay

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There lived a farmer named Fisher in the colony of New South Wales. He had acquired for him a considerable property. He was unmarried. Suddenly he disappeared Fisher had appointed Smith to act as his agent during his absence. After six months, an older man was returning from Sydney one night when he beheld, seated on a rail which bounded the road -Fisher. Is that you ?’No answer was returned Ben was not likely to keep this vision a secret from his old woman .because it was related to her .’ He had a cruel gash in his forehead, and the blood was all fresh like It were his ghost. Old Ben went to bed, but he couldn’t forget all about what he had seen on the previous night On the following Thursday night, when old Ben was returning from the market -again his cart he saw him, seated upon the same rail, the same apparition. When old Ben arrived at Mr. Graoton’s house “What’s the matter -he asked,’ I have seen the ghost of Fisher, said the old man .; Go home Ben Said Mr. Grafton, and let me know the place where you saw the ghost. Johnny crook, the black chief saw,-The leaves on the branches of the saplings which he had broken on the first night of seeing the ghost were withered and pointed out the exact rail which the phantom was represented to have sat. There were stains upon the fence then he said pointed to a spot whereon he said a human body had been laid .and within two hours he succeeded in tracking the footsteps of one man to the side of a pond at some distance. He laid himself down in the water -he jumped up, uttered a cry finding some long-sought object He exclaimed, ‘White man’s fat ‘The pond was searched and below the spot indicated, the remains of a body were found That was the body of Fisher. It was necessary to pass the pond where the remains of Fisher ‘s body were then exposed.Mr. Grafton said, ‘Mr. Smith, I wish to show you something, Look here ‘He pointed to the decomposed body ‘These are the remains of Fisher How do you account for their being found in this pound ?’ He was my friend, I had no hand in his horrible murder -said, Smith. The day of trial came, and the court was crowded. The judge then sentenced the prisoner to be hanged on the following Monday. On Sunday, Smith expressed a wish to see a clergyman. His request was instantly attended to ,when he confessed that he, and he alone committed the murder and that it was upon the very rail where Weir swore that he had seen Fisher’s ghost sitting, that he had knocked out Fisher’s brain with a tomahawk The power of attorney he likewise confessed was a forgery but declared that the will was genuine .

Tags- horror story in english, short horror story essay, short horror story essay for kid, halloween scary stories for kids- online

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