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How The Dogs Came By Yoti Lane-folk tales short story

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Long ago there were no domestic animals, all were wild and the enemy of men. There were no dogs, but the creature roamed the forest who were a mixture of wolf, hyena and jackal. There were an exceptional drought and food was scarce, and the wild dogs had to hunt harder. One day, a mother left her litter while she sought for food. Some families were moving to a new place because of the drought. They were resting from the heat of the day, and they came across the litter of puppies and a small boy picked up one of the puppies. He wrapped it up in a bundle and took it away. At supper time the little boy gave the puppy some of his and then his mother discovered the animal. Because the mother was fond of the child so she allowed to keep the puppy. The was very happy, he shared the boy’s meal, and slept beside him at night. In the meanwhile, the mother dog missed the puppy and was very angry, so she resolved to have her revenge, and set off to trail the robber. She came to their village and was amazed to see her son asleep in the arms of a child .”
At last, I have found you, and rescued you, my sick child -she panted. I was very well looked after, and having a fine time yapped the puppy .”You don’t know that man is our enemy, said the mother dog .”They will kill you and eat you snapped the mother “She picked him up and loped back to the litter. Days passed, but the puppy was not happy .he missed the little boy. The puppy grew big and strong, but he didn’t forget the happy time spent with the man. One day he arrived at the village suddenly the boy heard yells from the people around The animal had reached the little boy, and instead of attacking him, it jumped up, and licked him The boy hugged it. This time the mother was so angry and anxious to get her son back. The pup welcomed his brothers who came to rescue with his mother “come and meet my friends -said the pup .”I am not going he said to his mother .. the man is my friend. So he stayed in the village and grew bigger One day he met a wild dog and told her of his life. She became the wife of the dog .and when she had puppies of her own the dog brought the boy to see her. Now every village, all over the world has its dogs. But the wild dogs didn’t change; they remained the same.

Tags-folk tales short story,folk story, folk story in english,
folktale story in english, folk tales story with moral lesson,folk story of india, folk story with moral

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