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Folk tales -The Snake In The Forest

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A snake who lived for such a long time that no one could remember when he first appeared. Here was a pretty girl. She married Sako, who was a handsome young man. Before a year had passed, a girl named Tinou came to live in the village. She was an extraordinarily beautiful girl. Sako was the man she wanted, but he was already married. She resolves to try and induce Sako to make her his second wife. Gradually Tinou poisoned his mind Yere found that her position was worse than that of a slave. Yere passed most of her time wandering in the forest. Weeping. She was sitting sobbing on a tree trunk. She heard a voice, ‘What are you crying for ?’ She saw a large snake. She told the snake about her woes .”You people can be ridiculous and cruel. These things don’t happen between snakes .”I want to attend the party, but I don’t have a proper dress -she said .’ You come along with me.’ After they had gone the short distance, the snake began to disappear. She found herself in a large cave. She walked around fingering the beautiful skins. She slipped quickly to her hut, hide the snakeskin, and set about preparing supper. After supper, Yere went to her hut. A woman was standing in the firelight. Sako led her to the fire, and everyone made much of her. She told Sako the whole story of the snake. Tinou was so greedy. She wanted the dress Yere was asleep .she then crept into the hut. She took the snakeskin .”Oh look, cried Yere, ‘The snake’s beautiful skin. Tinou found it and had chopped it into pieces. The snake will never forgive me “‘You must not take a back. The snake might kill you Yere,” the old man said. She went alone in the forest and slipped into the crack between the rocks and disappeared. Sako and the villagers fell on their faces and wept .’ May I come in? She told the whole story .and said -Now do what you will. Kill me if you like -said Yere .”I believe you .”I am getting old and lazy replied the snake ‘I think I should have some more offerings ‘It has been a pleasure. If you want another dress sometimes, just let me know. Yere turned towards the tunnel and told Sako and villagers what had happened. After that, the snake curled comfortably. He was all green and gold once. More. He felt very content.

Tag- Folk tales in english, Folk tales, folk talkes for morals, very short folk talkes, folk tale books, international folk talkes

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