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The king and the clever girl-folk tales

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folk tales

Long ago, there was a king who, during the day used to sit on his throne and dispense justice. One evening he was passing by a specific garden when he observed four young girls sitting under a tree. They were conversing together in earnest tones Curious to overhear the subject of their discourse, the king stopped to listen. One of the girls said, I think of all tastes the pleasantest in the world is the taste of telling lies this strange remark was so interested that the king summoned the girl to his palace .’Tell me, ‘he said “What you and your companions talked about under the tree last night ‘.’It Was not about the king -she answered ‘Nevertheless, What was it you said -he again asked from the girl .’those who tell lies, said I, must tell them because they find the practice agreeable’ replied she. The king then inquired ‘Whose daughter are you ?”I am the daughter of a farmer -answered the girl .’And what made you think that there was pleasure in telling lies,’asked the king .”The girl answered quickly,’Oh, you will tell lies someday what do you mean?’said the king. The clever girl answered ‘, If you will give me two lacs of rupees, and six months to consider, I will promise to prove my words ‘The king fulfilled her demand and agreed to her conditions. After six months he called her again and reminded her of her promise. In this interval, the girl had built a fine palace far away in the forest, upon which she had expended the wealth which the king had given to her Her palace was beautifully adorned with carvings and paintings, and furnished with silk and satin. She said to the king, ‘Come with me, and you shall see god ‘Accompanied with his two ministers, the king went out, and by the evening they all arrived at the palace .’This palace is the abode of god ‘said the girl .’But he will reveal himself only to one person at a time, and he will not reveal himself even to him unless he was born in lawful wedlock. Therefore, while the rest remain without, let each of you enter in order .”Be it so, said the king but let my ministers precede me .i shall go in last “So the first minister passed through the door and said to himself;’Who knows whether I shall be permitted to see god or not. I may be a bastard .he failed to see God, so he went out and answered at once ‘Of course I have seen god .”But have you really seen him ?’asked the king .’Really and truly’answered the minister. The second minister went in He also failed to see god. Here turned to the king who said to him, Well, have you seen God ?’The minister asserted that he had not only seen him, but he had spoken with God. It was now the turn of the king To his dismay there was nothing in the room .’This god, wherever he is, has been seen by both my ministers And I, the king being a bastard, seeing that no god appears to me? ‘And now, o king, asked the cunning girl -Have you also seen god?”Yes, I have seen god ‘Really?’she Asked again ‘Certainly “asserted the king. Then the girl said, ‘O king, have you never a conscience? How could you see god, seeing that God is a spirit?’Then He confessed that he had not seen God. Then the girl said, O, king, we poor people may tell lies occasionally to save our lives, but what had you to fear ?’So telling lies for many has its own attractions, and for them the taste of lying is sweet. The king was so struck with her ingenuity and assurance that he married her forthwith .and in a short time she became his confidential adviser.

folk tales

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