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The Retired Ghost by Oscar Wilde-ghost story english

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The ghost retired to a comfortable lead coffin and stayed there till evening. The next day, the spirit was fragile and tired. His nerves were completely shattered, and he started at the slightest noise. For five days, he kept his room and at last, made up his mind to give up the point of the blood-stain on the library floor. The Otis family did not want it; they were people on a low, material plane of existence and quite incapable of appreciating the symbolic value of physical phenomena For the next three Saturdays, he traversed the corridor as usual between midnight, taking every possible precaution against being either heard or seen. However, one night, while the family were at dinner, he slipped into Mr Otis bedroom and carried off the bottle. He had not appeared in this disguise for more than seventy years in fact not since he had so frightened pretty lady Barbara Modish, that she suddenly broke off her engagement declaring that nothing in the world would induce her to marry into a family that allowed such a horrible phantom to walk up and down the terrace at twilight . Poor Jack was shot in a duel by Lord Canterville, and lady Barbara died of a broken heart It was one of the greatest mysteries of the supernatural He heard stiffed shrieks of laughter proceeding from the four-post bed. The shock to his nervous system was so great that he fled back to his room and the next day, he was laid up with a severe cold. The final blow, he received occurred on the 19th Sept.He was clad in a long shroud, had tied up his jaw with a strip of yellow linen, and carried a small lantern and a sexton’s spade. As he was strolling towards the library, however, to see if there were any traces left of the blood-stain suddenly there leapt out on him from a dark corner two figures, who waved their arms wildly above their heads and shrieked out ‘BO O in his ear. Seized with panic ,he rushed for the staircase ,but found Otis waiting for him there ,he vanished into the great iron stove ,which fortunately was not lit After this he was not seen again on any nocturnal expedition The Otises were deceived for the ghost was still in the house The spirit then was naturally very anxious to show that he had not lost his influence over the StiltonsAt the last moment, however, his terror of the twins prevented his leaving his room and the little Duke slept in peace under the high feathered canopy in the Royal Bedchamber and dreamed of Virginia .

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Tags-ghost story english, ghost story, ghost story books, ghost story to tell, ghost story watch online, ghost story writing, ghost story novel

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