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Miriam by Truman Capote-ghost story funny

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ghost story funny

For several years Mrs H.T. Miller lived alone in an apartment near the east river. She was a widow. She had no friends,and she rarely journeyed -The other people in the house never seemed to notice her. She was sixty-one years old. Then she met Miriam. .Mrs Miller felt excited ,when the little girl glanced towards her ,she smiled warmly . They went over to the theatre together.”I feel just like a genuine criminal “said Mrs Miller. The little girl said nothing. Mrs Miller offered a peppermint “What’s your name dear?”Miriam-she said It snowed all week . Climbing out of bed ,she trotted barefoot across the living room . The latch was caught “Stop it -she cried . The bolt gave way and she opened the door “Hello”-said Miriam .”She dropped her coat and beret on a chair.”I like your place”What do you want”-she asked .”Sit down said Miriam,”It makes me nervous to see people stand ” What do you want? She repeated and noticed that the girl was less pale, her cheeks were flushed. Mrs Miller said “your mother must be insane to let a child like you wander around at all hours of night “‘It’s a canary “Would you mind if I woke him?””Leave Tommy alone-said Mrs Miller . The canary was singing She saw first that the birdcage -Tommy was still singing. It’s beautiful,and I want it”said Miriam . Then slowly she walked to the door ,but before closing it she looked back at her with a innocent curiosity . It was while waiting at the corner of the Third Avenue; she saw an old man “six white ones, did you say “?asked the florist “White roses”At five the doorbell rang,’Go away said the Miller, please open the door -The little girl requested. I have a heavy package -please hurry”I have a surprise” she continued: look into my box”: It is all clothes, Why?” I’ve come to live with you .’But you can’t “For God’s sake go away and leave me alone”- They heard the man on the stairs He strode into the room -“Nobody there” She sank to a chair. It was dark and getting darker, Suddenly, she felt an upward surge, like a diver emerging from some deeper -like a supernatural trance -She is very much present in this room listening in contentment, she became aware of a double sound -a bureau drawer opening and closing -Then gradually, the harshness of it was replaced by the murmur of a silk dress and this, delicately faint, was moving nearer and swelling in intensity till the walls trembled with the vibration and the room was caving under a wave of whispers .Mrs Miller Stiffened and opened her eyes to a dull ,direct stare.’Hello”-said Miriam.

ghost story funny

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