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The House of the the Spirits by Isabel Allende-ghost story

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ghost story

The House Of The Spirits is a family saga that spans four generations. The story focuses on the lives of two women in the clan, Clara and Alba, and the connection between them. Clara as a young girl, writing about a new pet, an enormous dog that she names Barrabas. Clara has some special gifts -she can predict the future, interpret dreams Around this time, her uncle Marcos dies who was one of most beloved relatives, an adventurer who tells her stories. So when he arrives at home in a Coffin, She becomes quite upset. Esteban Trueba is a young, ambitious entrepreneur who is engaged with Rosa the beautiful. He Was likely to marry Rosa but unfortunately, She dies before he can strike it rich, Poisoned by a swig of brandy that was intended to kill her father Clara stops speaking for the next nine years because she is worried that, by predicting Rosa’s death, she is the one who caused it. Her sister Ferula and her mother had a poverty-stricken childhood. After Rosa’s death, Esteban left the mine and wants to begin his somewhat shady political career. He spends time at a local brothel where he meets an ambitious young prostitute named Transito Soto Clara’s muteness and psychic powers keep her from having any friends, and she grows up to be a charming but odd young woman Esteban meets Clara ,and they agree to tie the knot .but ominously the dog Barnabas collapses with a knife in his back, He dies in her lap, and gets blood all over her dress . Clara becomes close friends with Ferula. Clara gets pregnant and has a baby girl named Blanca. After some time she gets pregnant again and has to move back to the city .she announces that she is going to give birth to twins Esteban, a bit mad, goes .to brothel and meets Soto to his surprise. Clara’s parents die in a car accident and her mom is beheaded in the crash Clara drags Ferula out to find the head, and they return to the house just in time for Clara to give birth to her babies. Esteban and Ferula are both obsessed with Clara, and start to get jealous of each other eventually Esteban catches Ferula sleeping in bed with Clara and kicks her out of the house. Ferula puts a curse on him and disappears. Ferula’s ghost appears to the family at dinner one night, so they know she is dead. Clara and Esteban find her body in the run-down apartment in which she had been living. Esteban and Clara start having marital problems. They often get in a big fight and he knocks out her teeth, Despite his profuse apologies Clara never speaks to her husband. Now Esteban is really sad and lonely and blames Pedro Tercero for all of it Clara, Blanca, and the twins move back into the big house in the city and her son who has just become a doctor, alerts the family that Blanca is pregnant. Esteban became angry about this and he forces Blanca to marry the count Clara dies and the big house on the corner loses its sparkle. The guest stops coming and the ghosts just don’t haunt the place the way they used to Pedro goes to work for the new government. He and Blanca have a falling out because she refuses to marry him, and they split up for a while. Esteban finally admits to Blanca and Alba and he has made a mistake. The police finally break into the big house on the corner and arrest Alba in the middle of the night. Alba gets over her desire for revenge against Esteban, She decides to break the chain of vengeance. Alba says that her mission is life and that’s why she writes. Writing helps her feel connected to the past and overcome the terrors of the present. The novel closes with Alba writing for Miguel and carrying a daughter in her womb .

ghost story

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