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Ghosts by Guy de Maupassant- ghost story

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A young man went to the office of the Head of the police and begged for his help .’ my father threatens to disinherit me.’ I fear that the priests have been accusing me to my father, and due to them, our domestic peace and happiness are at an end. The official replied, ‘I fail to see how can I interfere in the matter. Your father is in full possession of all his mental faculties and can dispose of all his properties as he pleases. You can -When I remonstrated with my father yesterday, he referred to my dead mother and said she had frequently appeared to him and had threatened him with all the torments of the damned if he did not disinherit his son, who had fallen away from God and leave all his property to the church. The young man said ,”In the first place ,my father confessed to me ,that my mother did not appear to him in our house .but in the churchyard where she is buried The four men went to the churchyard, which lay at the end of the village The Sexton was sitting in the public house, for they found the door of his cottage locked “Where is your mother’s grave ?the police director asked . The policeman obtained the key As soon as the clock struck half-past -eleven, they heard steps near the chapel in the total darkness , suddenly, the key turned in the lock ,and they barely had time to conceal themselves behind the altar, before two men came in, one of whom carrying a dark lantern ,One was the young man’s father and the other was an elderly man who seemed very unhappy and depressed . They were looking straight on his mother’s grave. The Jesuit followed by the old man, walked three times around the grave and read a few passages from the Gospel ,then he dipped the holy water sprinkler three times, into the holy water basin and sprinkled the grave three times .and began to pray aloud until the Jesuit sprang up in a species of wild ecstasy and cried out three times in a shrill voice .’ Exsurge, Exsurge, Exsurge —-Blue smoke rose out of the grave, which rapidly grew into a cloud ,a white figure stood behind the cemetery and beckoned with its hand “Who are you ?’ ‘ When I was alive I was called Anna Maria B -the ghost replied .’Will you answer my questions ? the priest continued . He must deposit his will with the judicial Authorities as his last will and drive the reprobate out of his house .and it must be done otherwise I shall have to languish in purgatory much longer .-it yelled out in terror .’ Oh, and the ghost began to run away as fast as it could. A shrill whistle was heard, the police director laid his hand ‘You are in custody ‘ the ghost was caught and dragged it forward. It was the Sexton who wore a wax mask, which bore a striking resemblance to his mother .the cover was made from a portrait of the deceased woman the only valuable result of the amusing ghost story was that it brought about a reconciliation between father and son

Tags- ghost story, ghost storybook, a ghost story for kids,
ghost story app, ghost story book review, ghost story dvd, ghost story english, a ghost story

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