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A Jury Of Her Peers by Susan Glaspel-classic story

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classic story

Martha Hale hated to see things half done, her husband’s impatient voice came ‘Don’t keep folks waiting out here in the cold ‘ She again opened the door and this time joined the three men and the one woman waiting for her in the big two seated buggy. She had met Mrs Peters the year before at the country fair -she did not seem like a sheriff’s wife ‘The country’s not very pleasant this time of year’She said. Even after she had her foot on the doorstep, her hand on the knob Martha had a moment of feeling she could not cross that threshold. The men went over to the stove. Young Henderson country attorney, turned around and said; -Come up to the fire, ladies ‘.’Well Mr Hale ‘tell us what happened when you came yesterday morning “‘I did not see or hear anything jerking hand toward the door I opened the door – .’Can I see John ?-No she says which the two women stood ‘And there ,-in that rocker ‘-sat Mrs Wright ” Everyone in the kitchen looked at the rocker He is dead -Says she ‘She just pointed upstairs -like this -pointing to the room above”He died of a rope around his neck’ Says she, and just went on pleating at her apron ‘.She stopped speaking .nobody spoke “And what did you do then?’I went out and called Harry I might need help, and we went upstairs .”There he was lying over the-‘He is dead all right, and we had better not touch anything, so we went downstairs Somebody slipped a rope around his neck and strangled him, and you did not waken up? At the sound of a moving pencil, the man who was telling the story looked up. Mrs Peter’s husband broke into a laugh .’Well can you beat the women held for murder, and worrying about her preserves “‘Oh well said Mrs Hale ‘husband’Women are used to worrying over trifles’The two women moved a little closer together .’ Ah, loyal to your sex, he laughed; Mrs Wright were neighbours I suppose you were friends too .”Martha shook her head. The women stood motionless and silent, listening to the footsteps, first upon the stairs, then in the room above them. Something strange She looked around the kitchen. Certainly, it was not ‘slicked up “Her eye was held by a bucket of sugar on a low shelf. It’s strange, breathed Mrs peers. They think it was such a funny way to kill a man .”The law is the law -and a bad stove is a bad stove. How did you like to cook on this? There is something wrapped in this piece of silk .’This is her scissors:”The sheriff’s wife again bent closer .’Somebody wrung its neck “.’Is there a cat?-he asked .;’They are superstitious -She sank into her chair .’We don’t know who killed the bird ”I knew John-Was Mrs hale’s answer .”It was an awful thing done in this house that night Mrs hale ‘Killing a man while he slept Mrs Hale ‘s hand went out to the birdcage .’We don’t know who killed him’.For a moment Mrs Peters did not move. With a rush forward, she threw back the quilt pieces, got the box, tried to put it in her handbag. It was too big. She opened it. Started to take the bird out But there .she broke -she could not touch the bird. There was the sound of a knob turning in the inner door. Martha snatched the box from the sheriff’s wife, and got in the pocket of her big coat just as the sheriff; and the country attorney came back into the kitchen .’Well Henry “Said the attorney, ‘At least we found out that b she was not going to quilt it. What is it you call it, ladies? ‘Mrs hale ‘s hand was against the pocket of her coat .’We call it -knot it, Mr Henderson.”

classic story

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