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There are some authors who gave us beautiful literature but actually led bad lives Sylvia Path. She is admired over the world for her poetry and her famous book The Bell Jar. Her words stay relevant to all those trying to grapple the harsh realities of depression. She had always suffered from depression but the year of 1962 was to be a little different from her .when she discovered that her husband Ted Hughes had been having an affair with a woman. The couple separated, and Sylvia went on to occupy W,.B Yeats previous house along with her two children. Her depression had returned but what she also acquired was a sudden burst of creativity based on which she wrote her poems published in Ariel. Her attempts at taking her own life did not cease with prescribed anti-depressants and a full-time nurse. Unfortunately. The nurse found her dead of carbon monoxide poisoning with her head in an oven .having sealed the rooms between her and her sleeping children with wet towels and clothes. At 4.30 A.M path had placed her head in the oven, with the gas turned on. She was only 30 years old. Strangely her son also committed suicide. He hanged himself in his home in Alaska. According to his sister, He had also been suffering from depression. Her husband Ted Hughes, although his literary fame rose, his emotional troubles always remained, with people blaming him for Sylvia’s death. Plath’s memory still haunted him. Even after all this, her talent does not cease to amaze us. Another story is about Franz Kafka who wrote “I am free that is why I am lost. He is very much a part of pop culture, but most people don’t know how troubled he was. He grew up with a father who was excessively authoritarian and as can be seen in his work ‘Letter to his father .” affected his emotional development. More than shy, it was the fact that he never found the courage to talk to his peers freely due to the atmosphere at home. In fact, many also suspected that Kafka had the schizoid personality disorder or an eating disorder. None of his published work gathered much attention while he was alive He finished none of his full -length novels and burned around 90 percent of his work, and we are lucky to be reading whatever was left behind. He ultimately died due to tuberculosis at the age of 40.
Tags-literature stories, english literature stories pdf,classic literature stories,literary stories english, literature short stories for college,literary nonfiction stories

literature stories

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