moral stories in english language-The Magic Pot

moral stories in english language

Long ago, there lived an old woman who sold the best chicken soup in the market. Nobody knew where she lived nobody knew why her soup was so hot.Every morning the old woman came to the market and carried a big black pot of hot chicken soup on her head. There lived a boy who liked the soup very much.He wanted to know where the old woman came from. One day he followed her She did not see him. They went a long, long way.They climbed up a high hill.The boy was a little bit afraid that he went on, At last, the woman came to a small hut.There stood a huge pot .”How the big pot is “the boy thought.The woman went into the hut.Then the boy went up to the pot and looked into it.It was empty.After some time, the old woman came out of the hut.She came near the pot and began to sing .”Magic Pot, Magic pot make hot soup for me -make hot soup for me.

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Make this soup for me to sell and people to buy and for people to buy Magic pot-Magic pot–Very soon the soup was ready -The smell of the soup was perfect, and the boy was starving. The old woman went back into her hut Then the boy looked under it.There was no fire there, but the pot was full of hot soup The boy put his hand into the pot to take a piece of chicken But he was seen by the old woman.The boy ran down the hill as fast as he could.He told his parents about the old woman’s magic pot. They looked at the hill and saw steam there.From that day, the old woman stopped coming to the market with her soup.Nobody dared to go to the hill to see her.They were afraid of her that now when people see clouds around the hill, they say -“look, there is the steam from the magic pot.

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moral stories in english language

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