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Orpheus and Eurydice-mythological stories greek

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mythological stories greek

In Greek Mythology, while most of the tales were about immortal gods of muscular heroes, Orpheus was the most peaceful male character in the whole legend. He was a musician and used his amazing talent as weapons The legend about Orpheus ‘s triumph over siren’s as well as taming of Cerberus and other fierce animals shows the supreme power of music Sometimes music has the might enchant ,to lure ,to kill ,but in the end, it is still the healer, the peacemaker, the conqueror without killing or blood Even now in this modern world we can again see and feel his power whenever we cry or smile with a melody that touches our heart and soul . He got married to a Nymph named Eurydice. .The legend did not say how they fell in love They had a happy and harmonious life together. She was the reason he lived for. They often went along to the wood where he played his lyre, and she sat by him putting her head on his shoulder and listening to his songs with admiration and indeed, love. However, tragedy soon came upon them. Eurydice was accidentally stepped on a venomous snake. She got bitten and died. Orpheus fell deeply in sorrow and he played such sad and mournful songs that made mortals and gods and all the creatures on earth weep. After her funeral, he decided to go to the underworld to beg Hades to send his wife back to him. After reaching the hell, his music brought an extraordinary day. His voice and lyre tamed all the fierce creatures and monsters including the three head guard dog and also softened the heart of underworld king Hades, a miracle that had never happened before. Hades sympathized and broke the rules once. He let Eurydice go back to the mortal land with Orpheus but told him that she had to go after him all the way back and he was not allowed to look at her, or else she would disappear forever. Unfortunately, he was too worried that his wife couldn’t keep up with him and got lost in the dark so he broke the prohibition before reaching the earth and turned around to make sure she was still following, and that tragic moment, he saw her for the last time and then she disappeared. He tried to turn back to the underworld but all the gates were closed. Seven days and nights he waited outside but there was no sign of Hade’s sympathy once again so he returned to earth alone. Four years went by but nothing had changed -He could never forget Eurydice The festival to honor the god of wine Dionysus, the women became totally drunk and insane. Being drunk they only saw in him “The Woman hater’and his music couldn’t touch their mind anymore. They beat Orpheus to death right there, barbaric enough the mad women cut his bodies into pieces ,threw his head and his golden lyre into river and continued their crazy march .as if nothing has happened The river brought his head and lyre to the sea After that, the goddesses of music and Arts gathered the pieces of his body and buried him at the foot of Mount Olympus While all gods and mortals were mourning for his tragic death He returned to the underworld where he finally reunited with his beloved wife . Probably, it may be said a happy ending, after all; they were together happily in the hell till the end of time.

mythological stories greek

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