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palmistry news

The scientific world has finally given a verdict not unanimous but widely endorsed in favor of the phrenology, both in theory and in practice. Let us know about Physiognomy -the good science that sprang, fully armed, from the brain of Lavater and Graphology or reading of human nature through handwriting The following ten organs, however, can not survey without the help of the fingers
[2]parental love
[4]Friendship and these four occupy the back part of the head
[3]Hope and behind the ears are located
[3]Secretiveness These ten organs thus hidden from the view are all so clearly represented in the hands that the qualities or defects they serve are available even at a cursory glance.P parental love-Indicated by a significant development of the mount of Mercury toward the percussion where the children lines are marked, well-formed Mount of Venus without many lines or cross- lines.
[2]Friendship -Developed mount of Venus and Jupiter, a good range of the sun, a short thumb, a line of Heart long, and forked at the start and a string of Head slightly sloping toward the mount of the moon.
[2]Self -Esteem-A prominent Mount of Jupiter, amount of Saturn, either famous or much rayed, a line of Head separate from the edge of life, long knotty, enormous thumb, Mount of Mars and Saturn combined always mean audacity, great pride and the spirit of revolt.
[3]Benevolence -A well developed Mount of Venus but with few rays or cross rays, a beautiful Mount of Jupiter .a wonderful line of heart, with forks on Jupiter Mount of mars and the moon developed but not rayed, the fingers smooth.
[4] Hope A much developed Mount of Jupiter, fingers pointed and soft, a long line of heart a shortly pointed thumb. The range of the head is usually separated from the edge of life. Often the third finger is almost as long as the second.
[5] language -The line of the head is very long ,mount of moon developed ,the indication of a vast memory, add to this a secure mount of Mars supplying the necessary energy, a well-marked mount of Venus that will conquer all hearts, a strong amount of the Moon will make a man fluent in words but not eloquent, the mount of sun will make him grandiloquent, not convincing .[6] veneration-The fingers very long and smooth ,the tips square with large nails ,the first finger is quite long but somewhat pointed and without first knot, little or no Mount of Mars, the Mystic cross in the quadrangle, the mount of moon is developed but not rayed, a bit of the mount of Saturn indicating a fear of troubles to come afterlife .

palmistry news

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