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philosophy news

Man is overwhelmed with the glories of the manifested world and the various sensations that proceed from it but the shadow of Death is lurking everywhere. The eternal problem of man is how to get out of the coils of mortality that bind him so fast all sides. Philosophy is silent here. It is tantra which illumines this tragic void and reveals a message If you hanker after Immortality and intense desire to be saved once for all from the depredations of time ,then do not be overwhelmed with the sensations received from the objective world which assumes new shapes and figures every moment of your life with the rolling of time .So long man does not watch the incoming and outgoing of the Mahasakti in life, his life is bounded by limitations, is imperfect and subject to death at every step. The mahanirvana Tantra says that she is the great progenitor of minutes and most prominent things in the universe, both the animate and inanimate beings. This universe is begotten of her free will. She is the beginning of all. The Vidyas and the Trinity all owe their existence to her. She is cognizant of the entire universe but none in the world knows her. For the fulfillment of desires of the sadhakas she assumes various forms. She is Ananda itself. It is a state of eternal bliss which cannot be conceived by mind or words. She creates the universe, preserves it with all its animate and inanimate objects Though formless., she possesses three eyes with which she can peep through the immeasurable present, past, and future. She is Anandamayi where both positivity and negativity meet. Such is the Goddess the Tantras have revealed to the world It is thus the Tantras uphold the highest teachings of the Vedas and the Upanishads and yet bring us face to face with our creator, preserver, and destroyer. So Tantra is an ancient yet vibrant spiritual science Tantra sadhana reweaves the fabric, restoring the original pattern The goal of tantra is awakening and using shakti. Tantra in the western imagination stands for exotic and orgasmic rituals coming from India and Tibet that blend sex and meditation Tantric practice is often compared with pagan animistic rituals and the supernatural powers described in tantric texts are often compared with magic.

philosophy news

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