An Angel In Disguise by T.S.Arthur- short fiction story in english language

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short fiction story in english language

The dead mother lay cold and still amid her wretched children. She had fallen upon her own door in a drunken fit,and died in the presence of her little ones. Death touches the spring of our common humanity. She had been despised ,scoffed at ,and angrily denounced by every man ,woman and child in the village . After her death ,neighbors went to the old hut -some with food for the half-starving children ,three in number .”What is to be done with the children?”-that was the main question now . The dead mother would go underground but the children must not be left to starve . Farmer Johns said that he would take John And Mrs Ellis , was ready to take Katy with her -as she had been looking out fora bound girl but no one said “I will take Maggie”The only reason was-Who wanted a bed-ridden child”?”Take her to the poor house “said a rough man . On the day of burial a few neighbors were at the miserable hovel ,but none followed dead cart There was a sobbing farewell-And Maggie was alone . Joe Thompson said-It is cruel thing to leave her so”For a little the man stood with a puzzled air -went into the hovel Maggie was in a painful condition -all had just departed . A vague terror had come into her thin white face .”O Mr. Thompson -she cried out Don’t leave me here alone “No Dear, You shouldn’t be left here alone “Then he wrapped her with the gentleness almost of a woman, lifting her in his strong arms bore her out into the air. Joe”S wife was childless As his arms held the sick child to his breast ,a sphere of tenderness went out from her .;You haven’t brought home that sick brat -Anger was in the tones of Mrs Thompson-her face was in a flame .”Women hearts are not half so hard as men’s. Go at once for the permit and get the whole things off of your hands tonight “Look at her Jane- speak to her kindly -said Joe “Think of her dead mother ,and the loneliness,the pain the sorrow “Your name is Maggie?”Have you been sick long ?”What are you going to do with that child ?”She will not go to the poorhouse “Now the sweetness of that sick child, was as honey to her soul, and she carried her in her heart as well as in her arms AS for Joe, There was not a man .in all the neighborhood who drank daily An angel had come into his house, disguised as a sick, helpless and miserable child, and filled all its dreary chambers with the sunshine of love .

short fiction story in english language

Tags-short fiction story in english language,fiction story books in english, short english stories, fiction stories in english

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