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Strange Stories -Chonguita The Monkey Wife

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A king had three sons. One day he commands them to leave his kingdom and seek their fortunes.TFahe youngest son, Juan meets a monkey whose daughter Chonguita is ready for marriage. They marry, and Juan meets back up with his brothers, who each married beautiful women . When they returned home, the king, however, accepts his youngest son’s strange situation. The king arranges a series of tests for all three brides, hoping to get Chonguita killed. But the monkey wife is the most skilled of the three wives, and she wins her husband the throne. Later a large party was organized honoring the new king, Juan gets angry when she tries to dance with him, and he throws her against the wall. She then transforms into a beautiful woman. Moral -Don’t judge by appearance.[2]Fable of the goat By Y. Agnon -There lived an old man who groaned from his heart. The doctors advised him to drink goat’s milk. He bought a she-goat. After some days the goat disappeared. They went out to search for her but didn’t find her One day; she returned by herself. Her nipple was full of milk whose taste was as the taste of Eden. Not just once, but many times she disappeared from the house. She often returned by herself with her udder full of milk that was sweeter than honey. One day the old man said to his son, ‘My son, I want to know where she goes and whence she brings milk which is so sweet .’The son got up and brought a length of cord. He tied it to the goat’s tail His father.r asked, ‘What are you doing my son ?’He said, ‘When I feel a pull on it I will know, and I can follow her on her way.’The Youth tied the cord, the goat was on her way, and he was following silently After a day or two the cave came to an end. The goat climbed up a tree by clutching at the ribbed leaves, carob trees full of honey dropped from the tree, and she ate the carobs and drank the garden’s fountain He asked the passers-by and came to know that the place was the land of Israel. He said, ‘Until the day breathes and the shadows flee away, I shall sit on the hill under this tree. Then I shall go home and bring my parents to the land of Israel. Suddenly he heard a voice, ‘Come, let us go out to greet the Sabbath Queen.

Tags- Strange Stories, strange stories in english, strange story in english pdf, strange stories in english language

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