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Never Angry-strange story short

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  Once there was a little girl whose good temper was known to everyone .When she was a baby ,she was never pervish,and scarcely ever cried .So she was called “Never Angry “Now there may be one reason why never Angry was like this was that her mother had bad temper .that resolved that she would never make herself and others unhappy As the year passed the mother made life more and more difficult for her .Hr life at home was not pleasant The girl’s godmother lived in a distant place and sometimes lent them a little money .Her mother decided to send her daughter on a long and dangerous journey .Next day,she sent the  the girl off with very little food  In the middle of her path ,she asked permission to pass from  chimpanzee who was the terror of the particular piece of forest .She told him about the journey She said ,”I wouldn’t hurt you so why should you hurt me ?”said Never Angry .The chimpanzee bellowed with laughter until tears ran down his cheeks .The monkey allowed her to go ahead .Further along the path a lion spied her coming and tried to frighten her .The lion roared and said to her ,”I will make you angry “The lion seized her ,and mauled her but she only waited passively .The lion said ,”You certainly deserve your name .You have my blessing.So Never Angry came to a place where the path was very narrow and a python curled up She told her name .They became good friends .She than walked on into the village ,and went in search of her godmother .She could work magic and sometimes she did it to punish the wicked .She was very interested when she heard her story .She sent the girl with her blessings but before her departure ,arranged a feast At the end of feast ,She said ,”I am going to send this beautiful girl home what wind will volunteer to carry her ?’Having a large bag with new clothes and money she found herself floating up,leaving the earth below In the evening she found herself outside her own village and walked towards her mother’s house .She  explained that her godmother had given them to her  her mother questioned about all that had happened on the journey now the mother realized how badly she had behaved to her daughter .She seemed to hear the voice of the godmother  telling her how lucky she was to have such an unusual  child and that she should cherish ,not punish her .And later on her beautiful daughter made a fine marriage  and became famous all through the country .and she was often called upon to make judgments because she was never angry and never afraid .

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