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Gypsy Prophecy by Bram stocker-suspense stories pdf

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suspense stories pdf

When the dinner was over, Joshua Considine and his friend Dr. Burleigh went over to east side of the moor, where the gypsy encampment lay. Mary Considine told her husband,”Mind Joshua, you are to give them a fair chance, but don’t give them any clue to a fortune -and don’t you get flirting with any of the gypsy maidens -and take care to keep Gerald out of harm. It war s a lovely evening in the summer Considine’s life had not been an eventful one.The only disturbing element which he had ever known was in his wooing of Mary Winston and her ambitious parents, who expected a brilliant match for their only daughter. They had been living in the cottage a few months and were just beginning to feel at home . When her husband had quite disappeared Mary went into the house ,and sitting down at the piano ,gave an hour to Mendelssohn . It was but a short walk ,the two men had reached the gipsy camp . .There were some few persons around the fire, investing their money in prophecy. As the two gentlemen approached, the villagers made way a little, a pretty”, keen-eyed gypsy girl tripped up and asked to tell their fortunes “You must cross the gypsy”s hand with silver -It is one of the most important parts of the mystery. Joshua took from his pocket a half-crown and held it out to her, but she demanded gold. After she got it ,she said “It is not for me to give good fortune or bad ,but only to read what the stars have said “-She took his right hand and turned it palm upward but the instant her eyes met it she dropped it and she glided swiftly away . Lifting the curtain of the tent ,she disappeared within . They watched the large tent ,in a few moments there emerged a woman of middle age and commanding presence .”The queen ,of course ,murmured Gerald “The gipsy queen threw a searching glance around the camp and then stood before Joshua .”Hold out your hand “-she said in a commanding tone .”Have you a strong will -a true heart that can be brave for one you love?”-you have a wife you love .”Yes”emphatically .”Then leave her at once -never see her face again . Joshua told Now madam ,you have given me advice ,but I paid for a fortune :She said “I see here the flowing of blood ,it is running in my sight. It flows through the broken circle of a severed ring . The gipsy shuddered and then spoke “This is the hand of a murderer-the murderer of his wife”and then saying so she disappeared ,.She explained that the prediction may be false . Half an hour had hardly elapsed he was ghastly pale and was in a state of extreme excitement . She collapsed and sank moaning on the carpet ,Gerald rushed to aid her -In a few minutes she had somewhat recovered and said ‘-‘Naught but blood in this guilty place you .”I see you lying at your husband’s feet and his hands are red with blood “When Gerald rushed over in falling her left hand had struck the blade -some of the small veins were cut through and the blood gushed freely from the wound . The wedding ring was severed by the steel.They carried her fainting to the house with her arm in a sling -she was peaceful and said to her husband -“The gipsy was wonderfully near the truth -too near for the real thing ever to occur now ,dear”Joshua bent over and kissed the wounded hand .
Tags-suspense stories pdf, short detective stories in english pdf, suspense story books free download

suspense stories pdf

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