Suspence Story

Murder Mystery By Sherlock Homes-suspense story short

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suspense story short

The police trial had passed in which the case of John Douglas was referred to a higher court .-at which he was acquitted as having acted in self- defense.”Get him out of England at ay cost .” wrote Holmes to the wife.There is no safety for your husband in England.Two months passed then one morning there came an enigmatic note into the letter box.  There was neither superscription  nor signature .-but Holmes showed unwonted seriousness .”Devilry Watson-he remarked.Last night  a gentleman wished to see Holmes, as the matter was utmost importance .”I have had bad news-terrible news, Mr. Holmes -said he “I feared as much, “said Holmes. It’s poor Douglas.They tell me his name is Edwards.They started together for South Africa  three weeks ago .: The ship reached Cape Town last night.Mrs. Douglas sent this message -Jack has been lost overboard in the gale off ST.HELENA.No one knows how accident occurred-Douglas.Holmes thought it may be stage-managed .-probably there was no accident. He was murdered “Surely-“No, no my good sir, “said Holmes “There is a master hand here.It is no case of sawed-off shotguns and clumsy six-shooters.This crime is from London, not from America .”But for what motive”?”Because it is done by a man who cannot afford to fail the fact that all he does must succeed.A sharp brain and a huge organization have been turned to the extinction of one man an extravagance of energy “How came to this man to have anything to do with it ?”This is business,-These Americans were advised.Having an English job to do.They took into partnership as any foreign criminals could do.From that moment their man doomed At first they would content themselves using their machinery in order to find their victim.Barker beat his head with his impotent anger .”Do not tell that we have to sit down under this?No one can ever get level with this king devil .”I don’t say that “said Holmes and his eyes seemed to be looking far into the future.-you must give me some time.Everyone sat in silence for some minutes while those fateful eyes still strained to pierce the veil.

suspense story short

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