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The Boarded Window by Ambrose Bierce

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In 1830, the great city of Cincinnati, lay an immense and unbroken forest. There was a man who lived alone The little log house, had a single door and directly opposite a window. Nobody knew why it was always closed. The man’s name was Murlock. He was 70 years old. One day Murlock was found in his cabin dead. His body was buried near the cabin, alongside the grave of his wife When Murlock built his cabin, he was very hopeful. One day he returned from running in a distant part of the forest to find his wife prostrate with fever and delirious. There was no physician within miles, so her wife passed away. He did not weep He stood over the body in the fading light, adjusting the hair Then He was asleep. Some hours later, this unfaithful watcher awoke and lifting his head from his arms intently listened -he knew not what. Suddenly the table shook beneath his arms, and at the same moment he heard, a light, soft step -another – sounds as of bare feet upon the floor. He was terrified Perforce he waited in the darkness He tried vainly to speak the dead woman’s name Then occurred something most frightful. Some heavy body seemed hurled against the table that pushed it against his breast so sharply as to overthrow him, and at the same instant, he felt the fall of something upon the floor with so violent that the whole house was shaken. He had risen to his feet; he flung his hands upon the table. Nothing was there. Murlock sprang to the wall with his loaded rifle and without aim discharged it. Then he saw enormous panther dragging the dead woman toward the window, its teeth in her throat. The body lay near the window ., Where the beast had left it The clothing was deranged, the long hair in disorder, the limbs lay anyhow. From the throat, dreadfully lacerated, had issued a pool of blood. The ribbon with which he had bound the wrists was broken, the hands were tightly clenched and between the teeth was a fragment of the animal’s ear.

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