Love Story

The Cactus Love Story by O.Henry

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Trysdale, standing by a table was looking for a green plant in a red earthen jar. The plant was one of the species of cacti, having long tentacular leaves It seemed that his nostrils were still the scent of the flowers From this hopeless point of view he again strove, as if it had become a habit of his mind, to reach some conjecture as to why and how he had lost her . Vanity and conceit? These were the joints in his armour -she had always been -but why When he saw the swift, a limpid upward look that she gave the man when he took her hand. Why had it ended thus? There had been no quarrel between them, nothing -The scene was the night when he had asked her to come up on his pedestal with him and share his greatness She had said ,’Captain Carruthers tells me that you speak Spanish language like a native The incense of her admiration had been so sweet and flattering He allowed the imputation to pass without denial . How glad, how shy, how shaky she was, How she fluttered like a snared bird when he laid his mightiness at her feet. She said ,I will send you my answer tomorrow ‘The next day ,he waited, impatient in his rooms for the word At noon,her groom came to the door and left the strange cactus There was no note, no message Two evenings later ,they met at a dinner Their greetings were conventional He was waiting for her explanation . With womanly swiftness, she took her cue from his manner and turned to snow and ice. Thus, and wider from this on, they had drifted apart Where was his fault? Who had been to blame? The voice of the other man in the room, intruding upon his thoughts, aroused him. Try sdale,-You look unhappy as if you had been married instead of having acted merely as an accomplice, Look at me, please observe how lightly my guilt rests upon my shoulders Only little sister I had, too, and now she’s gone So come now ,take something to ease your conscience ‘It’s worth the trip Hallow here is an old acquaintance Wherever did you rake up this cactus Drysdale ?’He said, ‘From a friend Know the species ?”Very well, It’s a tropical concern. See hundreds of them around Punta every day. Here is the name on this tag tied to it Know any Spanish Drysdale ?”No, he said with the bitter wraith of a smile -Is it Spanish ?'” Yes, The natives imagine the leaves are reaching out and beckoning to you, They call it by this name _Ventomarme -Name means in English “COME AND TAKE ME.’

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