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The Covered Lady-american horror story

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This story is about a female ghost that chases philanderers who walk the streets at midnight. She is dressed in black, and her head is covered with a veil. Her enchanting figure attracts men, and they are compelled to follow her. She does not let them ,she never varies her pace When she comes near the graveyard, she stops turns her head and says, “Now if you want to follow me, follow me’And that horrible moment the woman with the most beautiful face breaks down into a skull while her chest burns in flames . Story.

[2]The Legend Of Cantina -Long ago there lived an indigenous man named Cantina. Being a good construction worker, he was hired to make the atrium of the San Francisco church. There was a huge amount of work, so he was not able to it on time and the last night before the deadline a strange man remarkably kind appeared. He told him that he was the devil and he could finish the work but in exchange for his soul Cannula accepted by imposing a condition ‘I will give you my soul, but the work has to be complete until dawn, and if a single brick is missing, the deal is broken, ‘The two signed the pact, and soon thousands of devils started work . The work was complete before dawn, but at the time of payment -his soul something unexpected happened One little stone was missing -the deal has been breached. Actually, Cantina had hidden rock under his poncho before the demons began their work. Thus the devil was deceived by a man, and hence Cantina saved his soul. To this day, it is said that rock is missing in the Atrium of San Francisco.

Tags- american horror story, ghost stories,horror story, horror story,horror picture, short scary stories,short horror stories

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