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The dancing partner-By Jerome K.Jerome- Horror Story in English

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There lived a charming fellow named Nicholaus Geibel. His business was the mechanical toys He was also an artist. His work was almost a passion. His shop was filled with strange things that never could be sold One day a young Doctor Follen who had a baby and the baby had a birthday. Old Gabriel and his daughter Olga were among the guests .’ There seem to fewer men who can dance at every ball you go to’ said one of the girls .’ If a man dances well he may be a full -said a girl. Old Geibel had laid down his paper on one of the girls glancing in his direction. However, he hid again behind it .’ After the girls were gone, he went into his workshop, where Olga heard him walking up and down. and now and then chuckling to himself ,and that night he talked to her a good deal about dancing and dancing men -asked what dances were most popular ‘A month later, another ball took place in Furtwangen On this occasion the wealthy merchant, to celebrate his niece’s betrothal, and Giebel and his daughter were among the invited . After sometime Olga sought her father Not finding him in the house, she tapped at the door of his workshop He appeared, looking hot but radiant .’ Don’t wait for me ‘he said ‘You go on I will follow you I have got something to finish ”Tell them I am going to bring a young man with me -an excellent dancer All the girls will like him ‘Then he laughed and closed the door . She knew that her father kept his doings secret from everybody ‘At length the sound of wheels were heard outside ,followed by a great commotion in the passage and old Wenzel himself his jolly face red ,burst into the room and announced -‘Herr Giebel -and a friend .’and his friend entered, greeted with shouts of laughter and applause “Allow me .ladies and gentlemen ‘to introduce you to my friend Lieutenant Fritz Gibel placed his hand on his shoulder, accompanying the action with a harsh clicking noise in his throat like a death -rattle ‘The women grew hysterical . The man shouted opposite directions to one another. A stream of blood showed itself down the girl’s white dress and followed her along the floor. The affair was becoming horrible. Then the women rushed screaming from the room. The men followed them .’ Find Giebel, Fetch Giebel “‘No one has noticed him leave the room, no one knew where he was. A party went in search of him. They could hear the steady whir of the wheels upon the polished floor as the thing spun round and round, the dull thud, it dashed itself, and it’s burden against some opposing object And everlastingly it talked in that thin ghostly voice .repeating over and over the same formula ‘How charming you look tonight -what a lovely day I could go on dancing forever -with you Of course they sought Griebel everywhere but where he was ? They looked every room in the house .then they rushed off in a body to his own place and spent precious minutes waking up his deaf old housekeeper.; He rose up, very pale ,and followed them and locked the door behind them .’From within there came the muffled sound of low voices and quick steps ,followed by a confused noise ,then silence, then the little voice again The door was yet opened -I want you -and you Bekler -he said. His voice was calm, but his face was deadly white. The rest of you, please go’From that day the old Nicholaus Geibel confined himself to the making of mechanical rabbits and cats that mewed and washed their faces

Tags-Horror Story in English, Scary story, most scary story in english, most horror story in english

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