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The Enormous Nose- fairy tales in english

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Once a king made the unfortunate mistake of joking about the large nose of an enchantress. Immediately, she appeared before the king and expressed her anger. She said, ‘There will come a time when you shall have a son with an enormous nose even more significant than your big mouth. The king thought that this was not a matter of much concern. Soon the queen had a little son who was named Andre. He had a lovely face, but his nose was so vast that it covered half his face. The prince was brought up with great care. No one was allowed to come near him whose nose did not more or less resemble his own. When he grew older, he was convinced that a long nose was a feature of great beauty. Princess Rosebud was the daughter of a great king. The princess had a saucy little nose. The courtiers were warned to think twice before they spoke, much less laughed. One courtier said that on a woman’s face, a smaller nose could be most attractive. The prince made that courtier a splendid present and sent ambassadors to ask princess Rosebud’s hand in marriage; Her father gave his consent. Prince Andre travelled many miles to meet her.
At last, when the moment had arrived for him to kiss her hand, to the horror of all who stood by, the enchantress appeared suddenly — picking up princess, out of sight. The prince declared that he would not return to his kingdom until he had found her again. He mounted his horse and rode away. The enchantress had shut princess in a palace of crystal One day, .in the reflection of the crystal walls he caught the image of his bride The prince set to work to try to break her prison but failed. The princess stretched out her hand through a crack in the crystal walls that he might kiss it .he never could raise her hand to his lips because his long nose always prevented it. Then he realized how long his nose was and exclaimed, “Well, it must be admitted that my nose is quite big .’ That instant, the crystal prison flew into a thousand fragments. The prince’s nose had now returned to a standard size. He and the princess were married. The prince became known as a wise and admired king, and he ruled happily with his beloved wife.

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