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The Flying Dutchman-Scary Story

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Long ago, there lived a man named Hendrick Vanderdecken, a captain, a man devoted to the sea. One day, he and his crew set off in their ship. They were heading towards Batavia, a Dutch port in east India. This journey would take many months .but they didn’t know that this was a journey that would never end. After some time, the ship reached The Cape Of Good Hope, and a fierce and unrelenting storm met the Flying Dutchman. The waves rose higher than the deck itself, and the wind blew so mightily, the sails were ripped to shreds. The crew seeing the danger cried to their captain, ‘We must turn back ‘Some of the sailors started praying that something might save them ”Sail On ‘said the Flying Dutchman When lightning struck the deck, and raging currents ripped the keel from beneath the ship’s hull, many of the sailors screamed in terrors, but Vanderdecken said, ‘We won’t give up, we will sail for eternity’ and again cried, ‘We shall sail until doomsday ‘People say the ship vanished from sight . No one ever saw the sailors and the captain, But some say the captain did receive his punishment for his defiance He will never rest -so goes the legend of the flying Dutchman “A Ghost Ship ‘?Nearly two hundred years after it’s disappearance, a British ship was rounding the cape, when suddenly the Flying Dutchman approached, shrouded by a terrible storm. The crew stood on deck and saw this phantom sailing ship ‘It’s true -The ghost ship exits ‘Sailors in terror, attempted to reverse the course, it seemed the two boats might collide. Suddenly The Flying Dutchman reached the bow of the British ship; it vanished as if lost in the mist. The very next day, one of the men who had seen the ghost ship was climbing the rigging when suddenly he lost his grip and fell to his death. The Curse of the Flying Dutchman people say, they have heard the cries of the ghost captain and caught a glimpse of something sailing past. Fiction or truth-no one knows.

Tags- Scary story short, Scary story for adults, Scary stories 2019, Super scary stories, Scary story in english

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