Ghost Story

The horrible -Guy de Maupassant

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The women remained in the drawing room of the villa. The men were seated on garden chairs and they had been talking about a frightful accident which had occurred the night before -two men and three women drowned in the river “That’s horrible -A frightful accident -A man who dies, even under the most tragic circumstances, does not excite horror, blood is not horrible, the vilest crimes are rarely horrible . It was during the war of 1870. The army consisting of twenty thousand men were exhausted, we’re going to disband at Havre. The night was falling; They had not eaten anything since the day before The men, bent, dirty -in rags dragged themselves along, hurried through the snow, with a long, broken-backed stride. Crushed by pain, by defeat, by despair, by the abominable sensation of abandonment of the end, of death, of nothingness .’ I saw two gendarmes holding by the arm, a little man, old of shocking aspect. They were looking for an officer, believing that they had caught a spy. A voice exclaimed, ‘He must be shot ”I wanted to speak. I was at that time in command of a battalion, but they no longer recognized the authority of their commanding officers, they would even have shot me. He stammered out some words in some unintelligible dialect. He was indeed a strange being I had not ceased speaking when a terrible shove threw me on my back and in a second, I saw the man seized by the furious soldiers, thrown down, struck, dragged along the side of the road and flung against a tree. And immediately they shot him ‘A panic, the result of these shots fired at this vagabond, had filled his very executioners with terror, they fled and disappeared in the darkness. I remained The second incident which happened in the middle of the desert, and the Arabs declared that as the spring was still some distance away, along with the corpse except for the two gendarmes. They lifted the riddled mass of bruised and bleeding flesh. Suddenly one of them exclaimed, ‘Good god, general It’s a woman ‘I cannot describe to you the strange and poignant sensation of pain that moved my heart .’ Perhaps she came to look for a son of hers in the artillery, whom she had not heard from.


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