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The House Of Judgment By Oscar Wilde-fiction story short

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There was complete silence in the house of judgment, and the man came naked before the god and God opened the Book of life of the man. God said -Thy life hath been evil, The inheritance of the fatherless thou didst take unto thyself, and thou didst send the foxes into the vineyard of thy neighbour’s field. Thou didst take the bread of the children and give it to the dogs to eat, And the man answered, “Even so did I’d god said to man -‘Thy life hath been evil, and the Beauty I have shown thou hast sought for and the good I have hidden thou didst pass by. Thou didst build seven altars to the sins I have suffered and didst eat of the thing that may not be eaten, and the purple of thy raiment was broidered with the three signs of shame Thine idols were neither of gold nor of silver that endures, but flesh that dieth. Thou didst stain their hair with perfumes and put pomegranates in their hands. Thou didn’t show to sun thy shame and the moon thy madness. And the man answered ‘Even so did I ‘And third time God opened the book and said, “Evil hath been thy life .and evil didst thou require good, and with wrongdoing kindness. He who came to thee with water went away thirsting, and the outlawed men who hid thee in their tents at night thou didst betray before dawn. Thine enemy who spared thee thou didst snare in an ambush and the friend who walked with thee thou didst sell for a price, and to those who brought the love thou didst ever give Lust in thy turn. And the man said ‘,Even so, did I.’God closed the book and said ‘Surely I will send thee into hell, And the man cried out, ‘Thou canst not ‘The god asked the reason and the man said, ‘Because in hell have I always lived ‘There was silence in the house of judgment . And God then said,’Seeing that I may not send thee into hell, I will send thee unto heaven. Again the man cried out; Thou canst not’.THe god asked the reason The man said, ‘Because never, and in no place, have I been able to imagine it .”And there was silence in the house of judgment .

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