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The Lame And The Blind By Yoti Lane- folk tales short

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In a village, there were two men one of them was blind, and the other was lame. They became friends. The lame man had an idea .”You are a fine, strapping, big fellow and I am small. If you carry me on your back, I will tell you which way to go, and we would not sit idle “So the lame man climbed on the blind’s man neck. As time passed there was little they could not do, and they became a little., jealous of each other .”Let us kill a chicken for dinner -the lame man suggested. How it is possible -asked the blind man .”You do exactly as I say, and we will manage it “When I say “run” don’t be afraid to run. So they proceeded to run after the chicken, and they caught it. As the lame man prepared the chicken, he began to think it would be a great pity if he had to share it with the blind man. So he killed a big frog and cooked with the chicken. So the blind man picked up the frog and tried to tear it, but the frog was very tough “It must have been a tough old bird “replied the lame man. So the blind man gave a mighty heave, and the frog flew in halves, and the pepper with which it was coated flew into the blind’s man eye and to his great surprise he suddenly found he could see once more. He saw first was what he held in his hands was not a chicken. The lame man was so terrified that he began to run, not realizing the amazing fact that he had regained the use of his legs. So the lame man ran, and the blind man pursued him until they encountered a farmer returning from work .” save me, save me,-He cried “”I am a poor cripple, and the blind man will kill me “The farmer said, “How can you be a cripple, when you are running like the wind and how can this fellow be blind when he is running after you ?”They blamed each other. The farmer began to roar with laughter .”Well, I think you must both be mad. And all you can do is to argue over a silly chicken and a frog .”We are ridiculous people, and I apologize for trying to cheat you over the chicken, it’s because I was so jealous that you have good legs, and I was lame “I quite understand ,the blind man responded “Anyhow, it was all for the best “So they patched up their quarrel which proves that disappointments are often blessings in disguise .

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