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The Music On The Hill By Saki- most anticipated books of 2019

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Sylvia said to her husband, ‘It is very wid ‘, One could almost think in that such a place the worship of Pan had never quite died out ‘Pan, the nature god has been called the father of all the gods, but most of his children have been stillborn. It was all nonsense, but in that lonely wood -girt spot nonsense seemed able to rear a bastard brood of uneasiness “Mortimer said Sylvia suddenly, We will go back to town sometime soon .’ I don’t think you will ever go back to town, said Mortimer She noted with dissatisfaction and some self-contempt that the course of her next afternoon’s ramble took her instinctively clear of the network of woods . As to horned cattle, his warning was scarcely needed, for she has always regarded them as of doubtful neutrality at the best However she decided to leave his docility untested, for the tranquil beast was roaming with every sign of restlessness from corner to corner of his meadow. She had left the piping notes behind her, but across the wooded combes at her feet the wind brought her another kind of music She could see a dark body, breasting hill after hill ,and sinking again and again The pipe music shrilled suddenly around her ,seeming to come from bus,out of sight as he crossed the combs ,and she grew tense with the excited sympathy that one feels for any hunted thing in whose capture one is not directly interested . To her surprise, however, he turned his head to the upland slope and came lumbering onward over the heather .”It will be dreadful, she thought ”The hounds will pull him down under my very eyes ‘but the music of the pack seemed to have died away for a moment ,and it’s place she heard again that wild piping The pipe music shrilled suddenly around her, seeming to come from the bushes at her very feet ,and at the same moment the great beast slewed round and bore directly down upon her .,her pity for the hunted animal was changed to wild terror at her own danger The huge antler spikes were within a few yards of her ,and in a flash of numbing fear she remembered Mortimer’s warning, to beware of horned beasts on the farm . Then to her utter surprise, she saw that she was not alone, a human figure stood aside .’ Drive it off ‘she shrieked The antlers drove straight at her breast, the acrid smell of the hunted animal was in her nostrils,but her eyes were filled with the horror of something she saw other than her oncoming death .and in her ears rang the echo of a boy’s laughter, golden and equivocal .

Tags: fiction story in english, fiction stories books, best fiction books, best fiction books 2019, most anticipated books of 2019

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