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The Two Bachelors-Mythological Stories

Narada was a confirmed bachelor. One day he saw princesses Shrimati and fell in love with her. But Tumburu was also smitten by her to marry her. Both were devotees of Lord Vishnu, and both sought his help. Narada asked that his rival Tumburu ‘s face should change into a bear’s at the swayamvar at which the princess would select her husband.Tumburu made a similar request before Lord Vishnu that Narada should appear to have a monkey’s face. The much-awaited swayamber day came, the princess trooped down the long line of suitors with her garland. Narada and Tumburu stood out among the others, but when she went closure, Narada’s face seemed to change and take on a simian look. She then turned to Tumburu .but to her horror, and he looked like a bear. She stood there in confusion, but she suddenly saw another man between them. It was Lord Vishnu himself. The princesses, however, did not care who he was and why he had come. She was so relieved to see a good human face and without waiting for more .she, put the garland around his neck. Narada and Tumburu did not mind losing to Lord Vishnu, but each was secretly glad that the other had not got the princesses [2]Summer madness -One morning the sage Jamadagni stepped out his ashram he felt that the sun was unusually hot .’Go away’,he shouted at the sun ‘You will burn the earth’ But the sun stayed where he was Enraged ., the sage began to shoot arrows into the sky . Then he shouted to his wife to bring some more pointers. With each shot, the indicators rose higher and higher till finally, even the sun began to feel vulnerable He made himself still hotter, and his wife fell unconscious He continued his battle after placing his wife indoors. The sun took the form of a Brahmin ‘Shooting at the sky ?’ he asked .’Too far away for your arrows, don’t you think ?”Maybe, but at midday, he will be directly overhead, and then he will be within range. The sun shuddered. I am in the sun. Please put down your bow Heat and earth I must, but I will give you something that will protect you from my heat The sun gave him a pair of sandals and a huge umbrella, which was the world’s first portable sunshade.

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