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The Two Brothers BY Ethel McPherson-Fairy Tales

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Once upon a time there were two brothers, grown-up side by side, they bore one another but having little love. The elder was madly jealous of the younger. One day both went out hunting. Before they had killed any game, they came upon a deserted village whence all the inhabitants had fled. They found there a long row of water pots “Let us turn these pots over and see whether there is anything in them ‘said the younger .’There may be witchcraft in this -said the other .’There is nothing in this and he went on. But when he lifted the last of the row, out stepped a little old woman. She said, come with me that I may reward you .’The younger brother only followed her, but after some time, the other took courage and with him. They journeyed for many days. The old woman pointed to a tree .’Take your ax and hew a hole in its trunk ‘said she to the younger. It was a big task but at the third stroke there appeared a great hole from which a whole herd of sleek cattle, a sheep, a goat, and a great white ox came out. This was a reward for delivering from her captivity. Journeying homeward, they had to pass through a dry country, But one day, when their strength was nearly spent, the heard the sound of rushing water: I die of thrust ‘said the elder ‘Take this rope and bind it round me that you may lower me to the pool. The younger did his biding .and when he quenched his thirst drew him up again. Noe, the elder, lowered younger that he might drink, because his heart was evil, let slip the rope, leaving his brother to perish. When he reached home, he asked, Has he not returned /’In the night the woman dreamed of evil which had befallen her younger son. She heard a bird calling, ‘Tshiyo, Tshiyo, your son has been left to perish by the water edge.’They Followed the bird and came to the mountain and saw his son. When they heard the whole story from him. His father ‘s heart was filled with anger. He vowed to punish him with death, but when they reached home, the evil-hearted youth had gone and never returned.

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