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The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks-best fiction books

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This is the story of 16-year-old Frank Cauldhame who lives on an island with his father, Angus. Frank has no official status, and even he has no birth certificate. At the direction of his father, he must tell anyone who asks that he is the nephew of Angus -not the son. Angus was a scientist before his retirement, so Frank assumes that his father is conducting some chemical experiment. He has many secrets of his own. He kills and mutilates small animals and uses them in his bizarre rituals. Located on the third-floor loft of their home, is The wasp factory. His arthritic father is unable to climb the stairs, so he does not know that it exists. A live wasp is placed inside the device. To get out, he walks down one of the corridors seeking a way out. As soon as the wasp passes that threshold, his fate is sealed. He will either meet his death being burned to death, eaten by ants, bitten by a poisonous spider, or other terrible ends. Between the ages of 6 and 9, he murders three relatives .in the manners dictated by the wasp factory. He lives an isolated life on the island and misses his brother Eric, who has been committed to a mental institution. Eric had been a brilliant medical student who went insane after witnessing a horrible incident occurring to a hospitalized child with profound congenital disabilities -Its skull was missing When Frank was only three years old, the family dog mauled him and chewed off his genitals. So he became bitter and angry There is a major twist at the conclusion of the story He finally sneaks into the study and finds male hormones and other mysterious items He confronts his father on this matter. Frank was a girl When the dog attacked her. Angus used the opportunity to rid his life of women. He told Frank that he was a boy. He put hormones in his body to stimulate beard growth and prevent menstrual periods. To sum up the story, All the killings, mutilation, lies, secrets, fears and anger were all for naught. The Wasp Factory was a fraud. His father taught him to hate women, but he turned out to be a woman. Lastly, he finds Eric asleep on a hill. Eric who had escaped from the hospital to see his brother would soon be awake to meet his sister.

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