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There Was A Man Dwelt By A Churchyard By M.R James-horror story in English in 200 words

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Once upon a time, there was a man dwelt by a churchyard His house had a lower story of stone and an upper one of timber. It had once belonged to the parish priest, but the priest was a married man. She gave her husband no peace till he agreed to move into a larger house in the village street and John Poole took the old one. Who lived there alone. He was morbid in other ways -It was noticed that whenever a funeral was toward, he was always at his windows. Then there came a night when an old woman was to be buried She was no Christian >She was red-eyed and dreadful to look at, and no beggar ever knocked at her door. But when she died, she left a purse of money to the church. She was buried in woollen, without a coffin . and John, watching from his window Just before the grave was filled in, the person stooped down ‘Thy money perish with thee’ Then he walked leaving only one torch-bearer to light the sexton Next day, the churchgoers were rather sharp with the sexton, saying it was the untidiest grave in the yard.
Meanwhile, John went about half exulting and half nervous. John was looking out for a better house .’Come ,I think you might consider a person’s feelings’What with a passing bell .and the torches when there is a burial and all graves laying so quiet He went home that night late, lay in his bed upstairs, a moaning wind began to play about the house . He got up and crossed the room to a little cupboard in the wall; he took out of it something that clinked and put it in the breast. Then he went to the window and looked out into the churchyard. Between him and the moonlight was the black outline of the curious bunched head –then there was a figure in the room A low cracked voice said, ‘Where is it ?’ and steps went hither and thither Finally it could be heard fumbling at the doors of the cupboard in the wall. There was a scratching of long nails on the empty shelves. The figure raised its arms and with a scream of, ‘You have got it ‘ He was instantly seized upon by Hermione, who is repressing an inclination to laugh, shook and slapped him very severely After some time he recovered from the shock .

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