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It’s much unsolved murder mystery by Elisa Lam-unsolved murder mystery stories

unsolved murder mystery stories

unsolved murder mystery stories

She was only twenty-one years old at the time of her murder. A Canadian student was on a solo tour her travels in January 2013 .her travels were cut short after a five-day stay in Los Angels’ Cecil hotel. She never missed a daily phone call to her parents .so when she failed to call them on February 1, her parents reported that she was missing. After 10 days, an elevator with footage of Elisa just hours before her death was released. The footage shows Elisa behaving erratically hiding in the elevator, jumping out into the hall, and frantically waving her arms. Soon hotel guests began to complain about low water pressure, and what water did come out foul- smelling. After opening the water tanks on the hotel’s roof Employees found the dead body of Elisa floating naked next to her clothing. Her strange behaviour in the elevator and her history of the bipolar disorder has led some to believe that this was a suicide. However there was some doubt -firstly access to the tank is high, remove the heavy lid, and then replace the lid while still inside the tank. Second, the rooftop access is locked and has an alarm system in place. Her cell phone was never found. The coroner listed her death as a drowning Some viewers think her behaviour could be explained away as possible Psychedelic drug use. Her death is also linked to the Korean elevator game a ritual of pressing buttons on an elevator in a certain order to reach another dimension. According to her autopsy, had only taken her prescribed stimulant medications but neither of her stabilizers. If lam had a manic episode, it is possible she thought someone was following her, perhaps causing her to hide in the water tank for safety. Then there is the Cecil itself, notorious serial killer Richard Ramirez -aka the Nightstalker lived there in 1984 while he killed thirteen people. There were several suicides, including one where the victim fell on top of a pedestrian, killing them both. These happenings only helped fuel the paranormal theories. It is also noted that while lam appears to speak to someone, her mouth is pixelated, obscuring her words. Finally, it was also discovered that a tuberculosis drug was being studied nearby the hotel .the name of the drug was Lam-Elisa, this was just one more in a series of strange circumstances that ensures that Her death will be a source of fascination and speculation for a long time to come. This will be a crazy case and this seems to have been a tragic death due to misadventure and nothing more. What really happened in the tragic case of Elisa Lam -the world may never know awaited weekend and everybody is in the party mood but you are broke.

unsolved murder mystery stories

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