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Why Mosquitoes Buzz In People’s Ear- folk tales story books

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If you live in rain forest, you must be familiar with the buzz of the mosquito in your ears Here the story explains the mosquito’s attraction to the listener. Long ago when Ear was a beautiful woman and ready to marry, and several suitors were wooing her. There were all kinds of creatures, but they all professed their love for Ear and demonstrated their skills .and Ear had a difficult time making a decision. Then along came a mosquito “Would you like to be my wife? Proposed mosquito. She became furious and cried, ‘Look around you. You will be dead before the week is over. Marry You ?? I will never marry you “All that Ear hurt mosquito said because it was very embarrassing to be talking in front of all other creatures. They all agreed with Ear. Dead before the week is over. And from that day, whenever Mosquito sees Ear, he flies up to ear and says, Here I am, I am not dead? ‘Emi re, mi ti Ku? But who did Mosquito eventually marry? And how she gets attached to either side of the head? That’s maybe another story.

Tags-folk tales story books,folk tales, folk tales in english,folk tales english, folk tales short,folk tales books

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