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Why Sheep Say “Maa-A” by Yoti Lane

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 Once upon a time, there lived a farmer with his son and daughter.The girl was gentle while the boy caused his father a good deal of worry But the father never said anything, The boy was a clever fellow.There were only two things he liked to do, one was to trap animals, the other was to make up songs The father did not like the bot trapping animals, and always forbade him to go into the forest.One day, when the sister was going into the forest to gather sticks, the boy asked if he might go also.As soon as they were in the forest, the boy used the stick to make a trap.Very quickly, a hedgehog was caught. The boy brought it home and put the hedgehog into the fire to roast .and he slipped back to the forest to set a few more traps.When the father came home, he saw the hedgehog roasting, and he became angry .but soon he thought that it would provide them with good nourishing food.Just then the son returned and seeing what his father was doing, began to sing mockingly.The sister ate the last piece of a hedgehog.She felt guilty and offered her brother a little-forked stick.The bot took the stick and marched off down the road.He saw a man picking his pear crop without a proper stick .and offered it. Unfortunately, the broke, and the boy began to sing his song from the very beginning. Then the man offered the boy half of the pears to make up for it.After a while, he came to the blacksmith’s forge .and remarked what a shame it was to waste such a beautiful fire.The boy opened his bundle and displayed the fruit saying that he could have all he wanted to eat if they could be roasted over his fire The blacksmith became glad and gave him a very fine knife Down the road He offered his knife to a poor man as he was destroying the trees with his blunt knife.Suddenly the knife slipped and snapped in two.The boy raised his voice, sang his song from the beginning and added a new verse about the broken knife.Next, he came upon a shepherd leading a flock of sheep and offered a bell which he got from an old woman .because the leading sheep had no bell. But the bell was broken and offered Maa .but at the show, the Maa could not be boy set up his mocking song. At last, the sheep became so bored that the leader tried to drown the boy’s voice by calling back “Maa-“and all the other sheep took up the call and went on “Maa-ing” until everyone was only deafened and the boy turned tail and fled.The story of his trick spread, the people called “Maa” mockingly wherever he appeared .but because of the song about the razor, sheep all over the world always cry, “Maa-a” ever since.

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